The Berkshires Yoga Retreats

Do you feel in need for an easy escape from a city life, recharge and restore? At our Berkshires retreats we offer a well-balanced programs to tone and detox your body, rest your mind or just relax in a beautiful settings within our care.   You might take your first yoga class with us or deepen your advanced practice. Our luxury retreat house in the Berkshires, MA is beautifully and uniquely designed, blending harmoniously with the 120 acres of natural beauty that surrounds it.  We also believe in "Il bel far ninety” means "the beauty of doing nothing” (Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love). You may or may not participate in any program's activities. You will also enjoy our retreat just by relaxing: catching up on sleep, breathing in fresh air,  spending time by the pool, laying in the hammock, walking in the woods or just reading by the fireplace. 

We guarantee you will rest, restore and rejuvenate!

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