8 Myths about Yoga Retreats

By Pure Yoga Zone

1. They’re Only for Yoga Experts

Photo by National Geographic Travel

Photo by National Geographic Travel

Nope, yoga retreats and holidays are for everyone, definitely not just for yoga regulars. In fact, many people use yoga retreats as a way to start or return to a practice that has been long ignored. Our yoga retreats tend to attract students of varying degrees and abilities but they all share one common trait – they want to progress from where they are with their practice (if they have one!) to a new level. That could mean starting from nothing and taking home with you a basic practice that can be done in the comfort of your own home. It could mean that you’ve come to master your handstands – whatever it is it’s an individual achievement. There are no expectations on you at the retreat.

2. They’re All About Yoga

Yes, there’s a lot of yoga packed into our retreats. You’ll have the opportunity to practice twice daily along with meditation and even exploring some new territory of partner yoga. But there’s a whole lot more that

3. It Won’t Feel like a Real Holiday

This one is and isn’t a myth actually – it will feel just like a regular holiday in that you can do all the things you do on any other holiday (yes, that includes going out dancing or having the odd glass of wine or cocktail by the pool) but it isn’t a myth in that it will feel even BETTER than your usual holiday. How many times have you arrived back home from a holiday..needing another holiday? Yoga retreats can help. Through the course of the retreat your body and mind start to acclimate to a different pace and you are able to truly relax in a way far deeper than simply relaxing by the pool. Better yet, you’ll learn tools and tips to take back home to keep that holiday feeling long beyond the airport transfer.

4. There’s No Indulging on Yoga Holidays

Yoga holidays are as diverse as any other type of holiday. Sure, there are some that are juicing and detox holidays but there are others that are more about getting a balance between the relaxation while still making it feel like a bit of a luxurious treat. Our yoga retreats are a bit of a mix – Morocco has its fair share of indulgences from the three course evening meals that are absolutely amazing to the on-site spa that you can choose from a different treatment every day. Sardinia is a bit more rustic charm, it’s attraction comes from the beautiful surroundings and the amazing opportunity to SUP in some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean. And who could go to Italy without indulging in a bit of gastonomic delight? The fresh fish and veg, the home-made gelato and, with its Genovese influence, some fantastic foccacia.

5. You Can’t Book in On Your Own

On each of our trips the majority of people who book in come on their own. Many of them haven’t even met me before coming but I’m always happy to have retreat bookers attend one of my regular classes in London if they wish. We work to pair people up for shared rooms if requested and it’s always proven to be a good way to make new friends and get the group bonding quickly.

6. They’re Just for Women

Nope, though some retreats are more predominantly female, all are open to men and women. Particularly the sup/sup yoga and surf retreats tend to attract an even amount of interest between men and women.

7. Couples Don’t Go On Yoga Holidays

We’ve had quite a few couples on our retreats and they have a brilliant time. Some choose to participate in all of the retreat activities and some choose to take time away from the group for a couple’s evening out for example but either way couples are welcome along at any of our retreats.

8 I Can’t Afford a Yoga Holiday

While it’s true that some yoga holidays can be at steep prices, there are many that are more affordable but no less luxurious or lesser quality. Be sure when you’re researching retreats that you read through the fine print to see what is included in each package. Some are more inclusive than others and some more extravagant than others! Our yoga retreats are always planned with care to ensure that they are an affordable experience. We want clients to feel that they are about to embark on something special and so we carefully select venues and activities. At the same time we want to make these events as accessible as possible for anyone who wants to join us.

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Kristina Caputi