DAY 1: Assessment Baseline. Level 1-2

Many new students want to see results fast and get frustrated when it takes “longer than expected “. Every journey of Yoga is unique. If you push too hard, you can sabotage your progress and jeopardize your physical practice. This series starts with an assessment to help you settle into where you are and have a vision for where you want to go.  This class you will assess your flexibility, strength, and balance to better understand your baseline foundation for inversion practice. We will do a simple warm-up to prepare you for fundamental yoga poses that are essential to the rest of this series. Simple poses like, Boat Pose (Navasana), and Plank Pose help you create a strong foundation for where you intend to go.  I encourage you to begin with this class as a daily warm up to start your morning or wind down your day.  

DAY 2: Core. Level 1-2 

Strong Core = Handstands Galore!  Today we explore the depths of your core and how it plays a dominant role in finding balance upside down and right side up.  We will refine your plank pose, buoyancy check your boat, and make sure your obliques are holding it all together. Yoga asks us to stay steady, to breath, to cultivate calm, to steady the mind and a resilient body will emerge from the fire of practice.  Persistent practice of these core strengthening mobility exercises will take your inversions to the next level. Thus strengthening your overall practice. 

DAY 3: Balance: Root To Rise. Level 1-2 

Find your roots to reach and RISE.  Breath is the key to all conscious movement.  When we bring awareness to our breath and the diaphragm locks within our body (Bandhas) we find graceful movement more accessible with efficiency in strength.  We ROOT down with our exhales and THRIVE up with our inhales, movement becomes more free flowing.  In this empowering class we will create the buoyancy needed to Balance and Invert, Float and Press, Sustain and Grow, as we invite optimism to a practice of continued inversion awakening.

DAY 4:Transitions. Level 3

With great POWER comes great responsibility...  And hopefully GRACE! Turn that crown upside down as you learn to transition gracefully from arm balance to inversion.  In this intermediate to advanced class you will learn fundamental  yoga transitions to keep you flowing from pose to pose with grace. The transition is just as important as the pose.  When we take the time to From the infamous Ashtanga “jump through” to the “Bakasana to handstand”, It’s all in here! Jump in knowing that it’s most important to TRY.  Next thing you know you’re doing! 

DAY 5: Frequent Flyers. Level 2-3

Do you have what it takes to join the Frequent Flyer’s Club?  Test your skills as we explore fun transitions in this thoughtfully sequenced, high flying, fun class. No matter how long you practice, the handstand is a benchmark of strength and steadiness that transcends physical disciplines. From yoga, to martial arts, to gymnastics; a stable handstand is the key test of alignment and balance. Whether you are a total beginner, or have a stable handstand you will learn to build strength and alignment while balancing on your hands. Finish this class with a balance-building program that you can do every day to develop the physical and emotional strength to support your handstanding journey.

DAY 6: Two Hands, One CENTER

In this playful practice of a workshop we will break down the fundamentals of arm-balance poses and apply them to your upside down practice.  Finding balance in the hands can be equally supported by the CORE so we can stay afloat upside down forever more! Acquire power, balance, and strength while flowing through this Inversion workshop with optimal grace. 

DAY 7: “Fearless Backbends” 

If you enjoy a challenge but think you are too stiff to easily bend backwards, then this is the perfect class for YOU! By understanding how your body works in a safe way, you will learn what it takes to bend over backwards fearlessly. The secrets of backbends are available to you through the integration of sound anatomical principles, healthy alignment techniques, and intensely fun stretches. Dynamic movement and aligned spine extensions are the key to a healthy body.  When the spine and mind align the body is limitless and the HEART can shine!