Kristina Caputi


My wellness journey started in my childhood. My mom with traditional medical education deeply believed in non-traditional medicine which she took her time to study in depth. She introduced me and my sister to herbal medicine, reiki and taught us to be in tuned to and listen to our bodies, but, most importantly, how to stay vital and healthy daily. Proper diet, exercise, connection with nature and body, and emotional happiness are the major keys to vitality and youth at any age.  I got my Masters Degree in Global Affairs at NYU and my Bachelor at Business Management. I worked in the corporate world for about 10 years.  Though it was a great experience, my life path brought me to wellness. Practicing yoga for more than 7 years has changed my life. It made me a better version of myself physically and emotionally. I got 200hrs yoga teacher training to expand my knowledge on the practice and physical body. I am excited to continue this path with In Light Retreats by creating luxury wellness gateways for you to escape from daily routings, detox, rejuvenate, restore you body and mind and just to have a great time with like-minded people. I am also excited for the opportunity for me and my team to share the knowledge on how to lead healthier and happier lifestyle.

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Moniques Sookram

Wellness Manager

I hail from Guyana, the Caribbean, where I learned to value nature and developed a deep connection and love for the outdoors. I am a very motivated person and I strive to live healthier life by eating well and exercising regularly. I was introduced to yoga by Kristina Caputi. I took her class and instantly fell in love with yoga. It allowed me to explore new ways of mental and physical wellbeing. I started to practice regularly in group classes and on my own. Yoga makes me feel centered and focused. I lead more productive and balanced lifestyle with greater work ethic. As a result, when an amazing opportunity opened to work with Kristina, I was delighted and eager to be part of her team, invest and expend my knowledge on wellness and be part of an amazing lifestyle of a yogi.



Bee Bosnak

Yoga Guide and a Healer

 I found yoga by going to a pranayama class in the hopes of healing my chronic asthma from birth. With the techniques I learned, I was able to use these tools to eventually shift my central nervous system to a place that no longer felt trapped, caged or stuck, but rather, a new found place of ease, freedom and harmony. The more I started showing up for myself from a place of authenticity, the more I healed. Not only was I breathing consciously, but I started living consciously. Yoga showed me a way to take all my broken pieces and make them beautiful. Teaching since 2011, my goal is to give you the tools you need so that you too, can heal yourself.   I use the physical body as a medium to the only thing that this practice is invested in; the ability and the art of letting go.
My trainings include: 200hrs Core Power Yoga (Sarah Goble), 500hrs The Kaivalya Yoga Method (Alanna Kaivalya), 25hrs Yoga Medicine (Tiffany Cruikshank), 25hrs Core Strength Vinyasa (Sadie Nardini). My meditation trainings include The Power of Awareness (Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield) as well as being a dedicated Vipassana meditator in the lineage of S.N. Goenka. 


Elitza Datcheva

Yoga Instructor 

Yoga is a part of my every day life in all aspects of it. I have been practicing and teaching it for 16 years. It allows me to connect to own true myself, feel centered, be a better person and understand my own body. I mostly teach at the Equinox Fitness clubs in Manhattan. I present my own unique blend of Vinyasa yoga to give my students the most out of the ancient knowledge. My classes are great for all levels and characterized as a gradual spiraling of various asana pieces that culminate in one or more poses, specifically targeting invigorating, healing and balancing energies in the body and mind to feel purified and tuned. 


Irena Shultsayte 

Reiki Master and A Theta Healer  

Reiki has been part of my family for many years. My mom and my aunt introduced it to me when I was a teenage. If I was sick, had lack of energy or was just stressed, my mom would lay her hands on my body and let the pure energy of Reiki to heal me. I was amazed by the powerful and yet gentle and purifying Reiki energy. I got motivated on learning how to channel it to myself and others. In 2011 I went through a training and got my certification as a Reiki master. 

The healing benefits of Reiki include, but not limited to: reducing stress, strengthening the immune system, easing pain and physical discomfort, balancing and harmonizing emotions, enhancing mental clarity and creativity, facilitating personal and spiritual growth. Thank you for reading my short Bio. I cannot wait to meet you in person at one of my healing sessions.