10 Places to Meditate When You Need a Spot

When the world around you seems to be busy, loud and moving at a quick pace it can be a challenge to find your breath and concentrate on your deep thoughts. Here are 10 meditation spots to try out when you just need a moment to breathe. 

Your car -

Use your car as a place of peace. We often think of our car as a vehicle to get us from point A to point B. But during a lunch break, it can be a wonderful way to turn on your favorite tune and tune out the workday for 15 minutes. Try meditation for 15 minutes before you head into the office each morning. Or calm your mind after a long day and meditation for 15 minutes before you head home at the end of the day. 

On a plane -

It's loud! A plane can be the perfect place to enjoy a moment of peace. Head to your seat and tune out the noise. If you're a frequent traveler, practicing meditation on the plane will challenge your ability to remove the noise and clutter happening inside your mind.

In the tub - 

Find your favorite ambient tune, soak in a bath full of lavender smells and just breathe. Relaxing in water can take our minds to a relaxing beach or a memory of a summer sunset. Remember to stay afloat, of course!

In line -

Waiting for your coffee in a long line at Starbucks? Take 30 seconds to close your eyes, smell the smells hitting your nose at the coffee shop and become completely engrossed in the quietness. 

Standing - 

We don't often think of closing our eyes while we're standing but when you have a free moment at work or in between meetings, find a quiet place and try standing without feeling the urge to open your eyes. Become one with your breathe and trust your body to keep you standing upright. 

Highway rest areas -

On a long road trip? Pull over at a rest stop and take a moment to observe the surrounding environment. Many rest areas have benches and tables to choose from. Take a moment to break up the monotony of a long drive.  

In the quiet train car -

Working late? You may be riding home on the midnight train. Find a quiet seat in a quiet train car and relieve your mind of the days woes. 

Beside your pet - 

Watching your animal sleep can be a sweet moment. Close your eyes as you sit next to them. They'll appreciate the quiet moment just as much as you will. 

Beside your child -

Your child is heading to bed, and you can head to your meditation place (inside your mind). You can gently watch them sleep as you seep into a calming state of mind. They're ready for bed, now it's your turn to take care of your mental head space.

At the bus stop -

Don't let busy traffic get in your way! The bus stop is another place to challenge your ability to tune out the noise around you. Find a quiet area near the bus stop and meditation in between catching the bus and heading to work.