Our Special Guestimonials 

"It was spectacular! This retreat was a much needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life. The location was exquisite and the day and all its numerous events passed seamlessly. I returned to the city refreshed and keen to tackle the hurdles of life. Thank you, In Light!" - Shanna, NYC

"I tried yoga at In Light retreat for the first time and fell in love with it. The teacher was so special and attentive. The program was really well put together and I absolutely loved every second of it! The people, the house, the jacuzzi and the hike were very special! I got back home centered, renewed and reenergized. Thank you, In Light Retreats! I will definitely go back!Anna, New York, Feb 2016

“Thank you so much for the amazing yoga retreat! I can't believe how much we accomplished. Yoga was intense: spiritual, emotional and mental cleanse. My body feels renewed and ready to engage further in the practice. Thank you for allowing me to share this experience with such a wonderful group of people. I loved the classes, the hiking, the house and its incredible nature around! I will definitly come back with my husband next time” - Mary Hyde, NJ

"Kristina in all her wisdom, with a glowing spirit and generous heart, created a retreat that got everyone in touch with the most beautiful part of themselves and aligned to share that beauty with all who were present." - Elaine Springer, NYC

“Every little detail was so well thought-out” Bee Bosnak, Yoga and Meditation Guide, Reiki Healer

“Everything was so beautiful the room, the view, the environment, the house.. It was really special!” - Agata Jen, NYC, Feb 2016

E-mail Guestimonils: 

"I just returned home from my second In Light Retreat with a full spirit, a relaxed and strong body, and a centered mind. That is what I so enjoy about In Light – there is a full focus on mind, body and spirit. Kristy has a vision to incorporate nature, health & nutrition, yoga, meditation, and special touches and surprises on her retreats and they just keep getting better. At both retreats we were surrounded by the beauty of the Berkshires in a gorgeous home with all the amenities we could desire, the talented and lovely Chef Marcel kept us sustained on vegan delights and the amazing Bee Bosnak had us centered and mindful in the yoga studio. At both retreats I left with a new pose (headstand! new arm balances!) and a fulfilled heart. My second retreat, that just concluded, however was even better than the first. This time I even brought my sister with me to share the experience. Kristy has developed her program to meet the needs of all guests and I see a bright future ahead for her and In Light. I also should mention that I have not laughed as hard as I did during her surprise entertainment in a long time – and that felt amazing! I look forward to another In Light Retreat and to bring more friends and family along with me." -  Nina, Maine, Oct 2016

"My experience with In Light was amazing!! It came at a time when I really needed a ‘time out’ and a ‘reset’ from normal life. It was reminder of how to have some peaceful me time and reconnect with yoga, something I find so nourishing but so hard to fit into my daily life. The combination of the nature walks and general beautiful surroundings with the amazing food and company not to mention the best yoga have ever done was just the ticket!! I thank In light so much for those wonderful three days, I came back truly invigorated! My most memorable moment was the way I felt on the third day, relaxed peaceful and full of positive energy after the weekend! I would 100% recommend to my friends for all the reasons stated above and plan to bring my mum from the UK next time!!" - Heather, Boston, Oct 2016                                                                                            

"Taking a moment to reflect on my second In Light retreat in the Berkshires. Having spent the last 3 days practicing yoga, spending time in nature, eating delicious healthy food, and having the opportunity to be quiet, slow and connect with myself, I feel elevated and centered. The retreat schedule focuses on two things that are of utmost importance to me - yoga and nature. Kristina continues to do a wonderful job with all of the details and plans so that we as guests can just focus on being present and in the moment and connecting with ourselves and each other. Chef Marcel is a master in the kitchen, creating healthy, thoughtful, delicious meals. His love and passion for his craft is so effervescent - he brings such great energy to the whole experience. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bee, our yoga teacher and meditation guide. I have the great privilege of practicing with her regularly in New York, and it is such a treat to have more focused time with her to expand my practice, not to mention spend a bit of time outside the studio with the incredible energy she brings to any situation.  I am so pleased to see the progress that Kristina has made with In Light Retreats. She is so passionate about providing the best service and creating an environment for her guests to thrive. I hope to attend another retreat with In Light in the future and continue to bring additional friends to share in this great experience."  - Liz, NYC

“It Is Not About What You Do -  It Is About How You Do It”