A Technique for Bedtime: The Hissing Breath

Yoga is all about breath control. Each pose is delicately practiced with the intention of controlling your breathing to ensure mindfulness. Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling our breath and our prana – our essential life force. One technique that receives its name from the literal sound it produces during this breath, is called the Hissing Breath.

The Technique:

1.      Sit in a comfortable asana with palms on the knees. Ensure you are comfortable and adjust as necessary.

2.      Roll the tongue upwards into a curled shape so that the lower part of the tongue touches the upper palate.

3.      Clench the teeth together (but not too hard)! Pull the lips apart so your teeth are showing.

4.      Breathe in slowly. Fill your abdomen with air, place your hand on your chest and feel the air flow into your body. While breathing, you’ll notice a small hissing noise that’s produced because of the way your tongue is positioned.

5.      Hold the breath for as long as you feel comfortable.

6.      Release and exhale slowly through your nose.

7.      Repeat as necessary. To feel the optimal effects, practice 10-15 times each day.

You will notice a cooling effect during each breath. That means you’re doing it right. There are many benefits of practicing this breathing technique that’ll convince you to practice each day.

The Benefits of the Hissing Breath:

1.      Increased circulation

2.      Relaxation of the mind

3.      Creates a cooling effect – which is good for easing anxiety and tension.

Practice before bedtime for a cooling and rejuvenating experiencce before bed.