Four Ways to Manifest Love This Weekend

Happy Friday!

After the excitement of the eclipse died off, many felt a desire to connect with their friends, neighbors and nature. As we reflect on this past week and the solidarity seen amongst our communities, we remember how important it is to manifest our love for one another.

Here are 4 ways to manifest love (this weekend):

1. Trust your path

We often feel overwhelmed when our career paths feel off course. However, reminding yourself that you have chosen the right path is a way to manifest the love for yourself and your surrounding environment. Trust that you have made the right decisions thus far and that the decisions pending will be chosen with ease. This is a normal part of letting go and trying to become more clear with your intentions.

2. Create more of what you love

It sounds a little cliche, but we often focus on the negative rather than the positive. We often create more of a stressful situation when in reality, we should be creating more situations we love. Whether it be an extra 30 minute walk or an extra 10 minutes in bed, practice creating and manifesting love by creating more love.

3. Claim what is yours

Don't go too crazy on this one! Claiming what is yours doesn't necessarily refer to monetary possessions. Rather, claim your work space. Claim your treadmill at the gym. Claim your favorite side of the bed. Allow yourself to feel comfortable claiming what is yours without fear that you are appearing self-centered. Take a moment to observe your surroundings - what is rightfully yours? 

4. Clear the air - set firm boundaries 

Set firm boundaries with your partner, family and even friends. Take a moment to think about relationships where love is not the forward focus. Relationships that do not center around love are probably not helping your physical and mental being. Set firm boundaries so that you can welcome more love into your life.

With just a few minutes each day, you can begin to manifest love and observe a remarkable change in your ability to react to others. 

Kristina Caputi