GUEST POST: Sauna Therapy Makes Waves in the Wellness Industry

By: Karen Price

Most of us are already aware of what sauna therapy is. Since ages, we have been exposed to its benefits and enjoyed the relaxation and relief from stress it has brought us. But, as with several other processes, technology has brought about an immense upheaval in the sauna industry. Instead of using conventional ways to heat up saunas to cause the heating of the chamber which lead to perspiration, we now have infrared saunas. Infrared saunas are a variant of traditional saunas which utilize the inter-conversational properties of light and heat to relax and detoxify the body. 

It also comes with a host of benefits. The following are few of them:

1.     Detoxifies the Body

The body releases these chemicals naturally using processes such as perspiration, urination etc. However, due to our unhealthy lifestyle, pollution in the environment, food and water, the amount of toxins present in our body is much higher than what our body is naturally equipped to handle.

Plus, the fact that most of us spend a majority of our day in air- conditioned environments means that the body does not sweat sufficiently. Lesser the amount of sweat, the lesser the amount of toxins excreted. This also results in blockages of the sweat glands due to accumulation of dust, dirt and other substances which cannot be cleared off from the sweat pores through normal methods.

When the body is exposed to far infrared sauna, the body forces the sweat glands to open up and perspire which helps to clear up the pores and release the toxins from the body.

2.     Relaxes the Body

Infrared sauna therapy directly heats up the body which means that the muscles which are tensed up can relax easily due to the increased circulation caused by the body’s natural response to heat. This also means that the muscles can recover faster due to increased flow of nutrients and other bodily fluids to these sites.

Release of toxins also helps to prevent them from interfering with healthy levels of hormones, which means that upon omission of these toxins, the body’s hormonal levels can return back to normal.

3.     Helps Weight Loss

Even a slight increase in the body temperature helps to speed up the metabolic processes within the body. Ranging from increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, increased renal activity and activation of other processes, all these combine to increase the consumption of calories.

Effectively, an hour spent in an infrared sauna burns significantly higher number of calories than an hour spent sitting in normal environment. Thus, regular infrared sauna therapy can help to lose weight. Not just this, when you sweat, a small amount of fat is also secreted along with the toxins and water.

4.     Helps Develop Healthier Skin

An obvious side effect of increase in the body temperature is increased circulation to all parts of the body. And since the skin is the first part of the body to get heated up due to infrared sauna therapy, the circulation increase is greatest in this part of the body.

With the increase in circulation, the amount of nutrients, minerals and other necessary components being supplied to the skin increase drastically which helps the skin recover much faster from various damages and exposure to the elements like sunlight, pollution and temperature variation.

5.     Helps with Pain Management

Infrared sauna therapy has been found to help in dealing with chronic pain that arises from debilitating conditions like arthritis, spondylitis etc. with minimal side effects compared to traditional methods of managing pain by using pain killers which can potentially be addictive and have severe side effects.

This was supposed to be a result of the relaxing effects of infrared sauna therapy which caused the body to recover from hormonal imbalance and reduce overall stress, which has the indirect effect of increasing the amount of endorphins and serotonins in the body. These hormones have the capacity to reduce the transmission of the pain signal from the affected part to the brain and help improve the mood significantly, which further reduces pain in the body.

Infrared sauna therapy is a groundbreaking modification in the age- old technique of sauna therapy. It promotes health and encourages the body to recover from various debilitating disorders by targeting the cause of the disorder, and not just the symptoms. The fact there are no side effects to this therapy goes a long way in making this an appealing option for most people who suffer from severe illnesses and can’t handle rigorous treatment schedules. It is also very beneficial for those for whom other modes of relief like massages or exercise are not an option.