How a Yoga Retreat Vacations Differs from a Normal Vacation

GUEST POST: How a Yoga Retreat Differs From a Normal Vacation

By Sally Writes

In modern society, we’re all working hard to make ends meet. Between rush hour commutes, office politics and household chores, there is little time left to take care of our own needs. This is why people regularly take vacations. We understand that in order to rejuvenate and unwind from the stress of hard work, we need need to take a couple weeks out to do absolutely nothing. But how often do we consider a luxury yoga retreat?

We may find ourselves spending each weekend indulging in excessive drinking just to counteract the Monday to Friday buildup of stress. This then becomes an endless cycle of relaxing followed by returning to work and dealing with all the same problems as before. This is where yoga and meditation come in. A yoga retreat in a spiritual location such as the Berkshires offers benefits that ordinary vacations cannot; here’s a few of them.

Focus on Long Term Wellness by Yoga Vacations

Normal vacations tend to lack focus. You book a flight and a hotel, then decide what to do after you arrive. This can then create more stress as you have to schedule everything yourself. What to eat, what sites to visit, what activities to participate in: it is up to you to plan everything. Yoga retreats take this stress away. Everything from waking up, meals, activities and going to sleep are scheduled in. This allows spiritual travelers to really focus on why they came to the retreat.

However, this doesn’t mean retreats are entirely easy and relaxing. Some meditation retreats will demand hours of silence and isolation, which can require discipline. That is because these kind of breaks have a specific focus on spiritual growth and understanding. This is important because research suggests that vacations have only a temporary effect on wellbeing, while meditation has long term mental health benefits. You will also find yourself in the company of like-minded people, which will motivate you to undergo a transformative spiritual journey.

Health Benefits of Yoga Retreats Vacations

Yoga combines improving the body and the mind. Investing in a good quality yoga mat will ensure you can adequately perform exercises, which will strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. However, it is the effects on wellbeing that are most intriguing.

By spending a few days or weeks undergoing intense mindfulness training, you will begin to shift the way you think. You will learn to ground yourself in the present moment and to focus more on your breathing. This means that when you return to work, however difficult and mundane it is, you can use your training to feel grateful and think positively about your place in the universe.

So going on a serious yoga retreat can help make your everyday life experience easier. A vacation can temporarily reduce stress and increase happiness, but your happiness levels will dip again as soon as you return to work. Instead, consider a yoga retreat for long term mental health benefits.

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