How Alkalizing Your Body Can Drastically Change Your Internal Health

Our bodies thrive on good foods. Its why we've been told for years that there are instinctively good foods for our bodies and foods we should avoid. Alkalizing our bodies is no new idea. It comes from the idea that our bodies thrive at a specific pH (potential of hydrogen). Many factors increase our chances of having a perfect middle ground  between acidic and basic internal function. 

The pH scale is designed to operate wherein a 7 is in the normal range. Blood effectively actions as a medium for oxygen. The internal pH of an individual should be within that range to ensure proper nutrition is filtering through the kidney. 


Certain foods help alkalize the body more than others. Others tend to reverse the 

Foods that alkalize:

  • Green and raw food
  • Melon, apples, berries, grapes and lemon
  • Almond, chia and sesame
  • Parsley and ginger
  • Algae like spirulina 

Foods to cut out:

  • Meat, fish and shellfish
  • Eggs, butter and cheese
  • Processed sugars 

The body has a remarkable way of repairing and detoxifying when the body is alkalized. The body may experience lessened fatigue, lower weight gain, an improved digestive system, improved allergies, candida and fewer headaches. 

There are many products on the market that help alkalize. The first line of defense is ensuring your diet is high in raw, green fibrous foods. Second, ensure that you listen to your body. It knows exactly what it needs to do!

Kristina Caputi