How to Create a Meditation Space in 30 Minutes

A meditation room in your home should be a place of stillness. It's a place of sanctuary after an exhaustive day and a place of pleasure to clear and calm the mind.

Pick a room of your liking

This is the first and foremost important step in creating a meditation room. Find a room in your home you plan to dedicate to your meditation room (or space if you're limited on rooms available). Plan on using this room for one purpose and one purpose only. Clear out this space as a clean slate for the decorating and arranging ahead.

Light it up

So many options are available for lighting. In a meditation space, play around with the lighting. Choose light fixtures that make you feel comfortable. Add a chakra pyramid candle for more intimate moments of meditation. Choose lighting that emanates nature and the essence of outside. The Bodhi Leaf lights are light in color and texture, bringing the outdoors to the indoors with a light and airy vibe.

Keep it clean

Vow to keep your meditation space clean and decluttered. Do not bring items into the meditation room that do not add purpose. Periodically observe what’s in your meditation room and remove unnecessary items if they accumulate.

Add scents (all kinds of scents)

Add a touch of nature to your meditation space by exploring the scents and aromatherapies that you enjoy. Palo Santo is a scent that helps increase concentration and memory. It’s grounding scent is reminiscent of an outdoor smell.  Cedarwood relaxes and calms the mind. A room mist adds a powerful, yet relaxing aroma to any room.

Add a mat for comfort

While some may prefer a yoga mat at the center of their room, many choose a meditation bench. The cherry seat supports perfect posture while meditating. A softer meditation chair provides back support for upright meditation. Tatami square mats create a peaceful seating structure and are made from all natural materials.

Include a statue or pendent

Many meditation rooms have a centerpiece that brings the room together and serves as the center point for directing chants, breathing or yoga poses. The Earth Wellness Buddha captures the spirit of Buddha. The Sutra Scroll is delicately painted and teaches the Buddhist principles of emptiness.

Vow to keep the phone out

This room is a focal point of calamity. Vow to keep your phone out of your meditation room at all times. Leave a basket to place your phone in by its entrance to remind you of the space you're entering. 

Use it for its purpose

Lastly, remember the purpose of your meditation room. Use it for its purpose. Set the intention for your meditation room as a place of peace. Your space should feel like your own; add or subtract items as necessary. 

Kristina Caputi