How to Create The Perfect Nourish Bowl

We are knee deep into our Columbus Day retreat (the last day is upon us). We began our retreat with a beautiful meditation, hike and time to be with ourselves in the presence of nature. We certainly haven't forgotten about the plant-based menu our chefs are cooking up each day. 

We challenged each of our retreat guests to create a nourish bowl. Nutrition Stripped describes a nourish bowl as "choosing nutrient dense veggies, fruits/carbohydrates, healthy fats, and quality proteins to make a filling meal in a bowl. It’s essentially a macrobiotic bowl, or macro bowl." Not only does a nourish bowl provide all the essential nutrients, it's also fun to make and leaves the chef in total control of its contents.

Let's break down a nourish bowl. Each bowl includes the following: 

Greens: mixed greens, kale, spinch, swiss chard, beet greens, arugula, etc.

Veggies: broccoli, shredded carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, peas, etc.

Carbohydrate: sweet potatoes or butternut squash! We also suggest quinoa, millet or your choice of rice

Healthy Fat: avocados, olive oil, nuts, hemp seeds, etc.

Protein: chicken, tofu, beans or a meat of your choosing

Extras: add a little hummus, sauerkraut or your choice of fermented vegetables

Helpful tip: Prepare ahead of time

When it's meal prep day,  cut your veggies in bulk so that you can prepare a variety of nourish bowls all throughout the week. Veggies will typically keep for a week if stored properly in the fridge. If you like to meal prep, having lots of extra vegteables can be a good way to keep your nourish bowls delivering day after day.

For the final product: 

Kristina Caputi