My 15 Minutes Morning Routine 

By Kristina Caputi 

Kristina Caputi Morning Routine

I am a big health and wellness connoisseur. Exercise, healthy diet and resourceful emotional state exercise are part of my daily life. Morning routine though is the most important for me since I am not a a morning person and I wake up grumpy. In oder to get myself in state, first, I get up from my bed as soon as I wake up before my thoughts of procrastination and laziness take over me. Second, I turn on fun and happy music and make my bed. I drink a glass of water with a few drops of organic lemon or a tea spoon of unfiltered, organic apple cider to wake up my digestive system and alkaline my body. I brash my teeth with Essential Oxygen BR Toothpaste or any other natural toothpaste without harsh chemicals and take a cold shower to wake up my body and strengthen the immune system. If I feel off for a cold shower I do fast massage with Yerba Prima lymphatic brush. In winter time I open a window in the bathroom to let cold air come in. It wakes me up and no need for a cold shower. While brushing teeth I remind myself about my major goals for this year, month or day.  I think of couple things I need to do for today to get myself closer to these goals. Once I am done with brushing teeth I take a few deep breath in to get fresh oxygen in the blood and while looking in the mirror I say 2, 3 affirmations to myself. Choose the ones that suit you best and relevant to your personal goals. Affirmations help your brain to understand what is important to you and filter information and events though out the day without you realizing it. Your brain will point out on what is relevant to help you progress in the direction you set in the morning.  I  might also wiggle my butt, jump and dance around while I do it.

This routine will set you physically and emotionally in a resourceful state. 10 to 15 minutes and you will feel energized, happy and ready to concur the world! Namaste 

Those are some of my affirmations, “money flow into my life freely and easily”,  “I make at list __ us dollars every week”, “today is going to be the most incredible day”, “I attract the most amazing people and events in my life” or “I am confident” “I am enough”, “ I met my ideal man”. I could also sing affirmation I took from Tony Robbins Life and Wealth Mastery “Every single cell in my body is healthy, every single cell in my body is wealthy, every single cell in my body is well”. I repeat each of them at list 5 times. 

Kristina Caputi