Vegan Finds For Your Weekend Adventure


We've curated the best vegan restaurants from around the U.S. for your next weekend adventure. They're vegan and even a little raw. Most importantly, they're full equip with menu items that'll please even the pickiest eater.

Elizabeth's Gone Raw: Washington D.C.

Plant-based has gone raw. Elizabeth’s Gone Raw restaurant in Washington DC is purely raw with vibrantly paired classics and seasonal vegetables. Try the crimson apple tartare with red cabbage, daikon and persimmon cream. Or, for a more winter-themed dish, try the stuffed radish with blood orange, lemon puree and pepper jam.

Blossom: Manhattan, NYC

From a vegan’s heart comes Blossom. Blossom was designed to bring a fresh and authentic look to vegan food. A signature item is the trumpet mushroom scallops with polenta, spinach and a mushroom reduction. Located in the heart of Manhattan, Blossom is an outdoor feel in a cityscape.

Plum Bistro: Seattle, WA

Plum Bistro takes inspiration from the traditional plum tree as symbolized in Japanese culture. The spinach and yam crepe with kale, smoked tofu and balsamic dressing infuses a cross-cultural flavor.

Green Seed Vegan: Houston, TX

The pumpkin bar takes the cake. The Green Seed vegan is exactly as the name implies: plant-based, vegan friendly. In the center of Houston, Green Seed Vegan is a casual, open-air grub spot for those on a small budget.

Plant: Asheville, NC

Scratch-made food in a sophisticated manner. Plant, an urban jungle of delicious and eclectic vegan options, lines the streets of Asheville. The grilled beets with crispy onion tumbleweed are a local favorite. Plant is among the hilly countryside of North Carolina.

And there you have it. Enjoy these creations! 

Kristina Caputi