The One Tool for Mindfulness You'll Need to Practice Meditation Everyday


The wellness practice of mindfulness is a tool that will benefit not just the physical self but also the mental self. It isn't easy to maintain an everyday meditation routine. It requires discipline and a routine that you can stick to (and a routine that doesn't feel repetitive). Calm is the app for your meditation needs. Its functionality is a key component to why this app works. We're sharing a few ways the Calm app tailors to the specific user and is a one-stop shop so to speak. It is uniquely curated content that can assist anyone from an experienced meditator to one just trying out meditation for the first time.

1. It is easily accessible for all 

Calm is free to sign-up and can travel with you anywhere you need it to travel. Its features are combined into one app that allows for meditation practice, relaxation or sounds for better sleep.

2. You can share your sleep stories

Take your mind on a fictional journey with Calm sleep stories. Each sleep stories is designed to help the user fall asleep calmly to a story about sleep (or with a hint of sleepiness). The authors are from the Calm community and can vary in length. So for those wanting a story before sleep, these are for you.

3. It has targeted 7-day programs

Calm designed a series of 7-day programs that target specific areas. For example, there are programs targeted directly to 7 days of sleep, happiness, gratitude and self-esteem. The program delicately guides each individual through the comprehensive practice of thinking versus believing. 

Take a moment to exhale, breathe and learn your way to a better sleep. 

Kristina Caputi