Time to Update Your Yoga Wardrobe with Vegan Clothing

As summer approaches, the feeling overcomes us all: time to find new workout clothes for the warm weather ahead. For the health conscious individual, maybe vegan clothing is the way to go. While it may be difficult to find, it’s out there (and affordable, too). A new wave of clothing focuses on the materials, the people who produce it and the ethical standards that drive new brands to success in niche markets. Here are the newest brands shouting out to the athleisure wearer!

Nau Clothing

Nau clothing combines technical style with sustainability. Organic cotton and recycled polyester tencel and micromodal. Give back 2% of all sales to their partners in crime. Nau supports several non-profits. Some of which include The Conservation Alliance, People for Bikes and The Breakthrough Institute. They’ve got styles ranging from felt jackets to down trench coats (a two-way zip for easy on, easy off). The most creative style is the Cranky Jacket, which is designed for harsh weather. Its lightweight yet keeps you dry on the adventure that awaits. Seattle, this one's for you. 


In fact, organic cotton is better. Pact encompasses responsible farming with the organic touch. Pact uses non-toxic chemicals and use 71% less water to grow their cotton. Growing organically keeps farmers families happy too. Pact is keen on the protection of workers rights through The Global Organic Textile Standard. Employment is freely chosen leaving no human to endure forced labor. Patterns and textures are simple (mostly black colors with pops of color here and there). Their popular style of the season, might you ask? Long johns! Their winter long johns will fit you in all the right spots and include a button-fly. They're suitable for chilly summer nights.

LVR Fashion

Organic bliss -- those are the only two words you need to hear to understand LVR. LVR fashion reflects its founder's ideals: safe, cruelty-free, vegan and pretty darn comfortable. LVR fashion partners with wildlife rescue, ARCAS, based in Guatemala.

LVR donates clothing to the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles, whose dedication to women helps create a safe space for those in need. LVR is a little bit of everything LA has to offer - everything from a wrap to a track jacket. Shop their bottoms for a soft landing in your yoga class!

There are many brands out there focused on wearing change and what a better time to switch out your spring clothes than when the spring turns to summer. Many brands work to change the fundamental problem with fashion in the modern age: its mass production, chemically treated fabrics and the apparent neglect in regards to worker’s rights. These brands work against the paradigm.  

Kristina Caputi