3 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home and Create a Spiritual Setting


There is no better time than the present to begin decluttering your home and transforming it into a space of healing. Your space says a lot about your internal feelings and can drastically help improve your mental health. Professional declutter(ers) and professional organizers believe in the power of minimalism and can help create a space of peace. Your home is a place of relaxation and restoration and should be treated as such. Here are 3 easy and simple ways to declutter your home and pave the way to a more spiritual setting: 

1. Create an open space: 

Create a space that is open and inviting. This leaves room for the flow of energy to move from one side of the room to the other. Designate space on the wall that will serve as "storage" so that the floor is free of clutter. When your space is precisely designed and displayed on the wall, you have a better idea of the amount of items you have and it will put into perspective items you may no longer need. 

2. Declutter beneath your bed: 

When you rest, your bedroom is a place for relaxation. When you have an influx of items hiding under your bed for storage, you often negate the space you should designate to a free flowing space. If you are short on storage, store linens and towels below the bed. Remove excess or unnecessary items so that you are not cluttering your relaxation space with items that may be associated with blocking energies. 

3. Design with minimalistic lighting 

Lighting can make or break a space. Use natural lighting if your space allows. Allow for the sun to naturally light your space and ensure you are working with sunlight, rather than against it. Tudo and Co is a Scandinavian lighting company that designs simplistic lighting to fill small spaces. Many designs are inspired by the Einstein light bulb and bring forth a nostalgic feeling - the perfect way to enhance your spiritual space. Check them out for future home projects! 

For more ideas, check out this home tour to see how one feng shui expert filled her apartment with positive, loving energy.

Kristina Caputi