KENCKO is Changing the Way We Drink (And Here's Why We're Obsessed With it)

"At kencko, we’re obsessed with giving you organic fruits and vegetables with that straight-from-the-vine freshness. No added sugar, no unnecessary additives, and no foreign chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. Just organic, yummy goodness. Always."

KENCKO is changing the way we drink juice. It is a monthly subscription that makes it easier to drink your greens (and every other color) in a convenient, clean and easy-to-follow procedure.  Each pack is stored in a convenient pouch and comes with a carrying container. Um, that's new?! It's perfect for your afternoon break, on-the go or after your morning workout. 

Each flavor packet can be added to water, but if you're feeling creative, try it out with different bases such as almond milk or lemon water. 


Here is a breakdown of each flavor so you know exactly what you're getting: 

REDS: Strawberry, raspberry, banana and apple

GREENS: Spinach, ginger, kiwi, apple and banana

PURPLES: Blackberry, cranberry, blueberry, raspberry and banana

ORANGES: Orange, carrot, pineapple, banana, ginger and turmeric

BLACKS: Açai, mango, banana, apple and pineapple

BURGUNDY: Beetroot, blackberry, banana, blueberry and ginger


KENCKO is doing something awesome and allowing YOU to try yours for free! Grab it quickly before they sell out! 

Kristina Caputi