A Few Yoga Poses For You As You Travel This Holiday Season

If you haven't left your home yet this holiday season but are planning to travel right before New Years, we have a few yoga poses to keep in your notebook so that you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, no matter where in the world you are. These poses can also be practiced in the airplane or airport. Being more aware of small, shorter movements is a great way to stay aligned when you travel. While movements may seem small and not necessarily require you to roll out the mat, they are useful in keeping your body stretched and clear or energy blockages. 

1. Lunges (mini style)

This is a great pose for small spaces, even the bathroom! Bend one leg and step forward with your entire body. Step forward with your body weight and then back with your legs together. Repeat for a few repetitions and remember to move slowly to avoid knee injury. 

2. Ankle rolls

Ankle rolls are beneficial after a long day of flying or driving. Simply place your legs out straight in front of you (you can even do this before bed laying down) and rotate your ankles in a circular motion, remember to stretch both the left and right ankle. To make this feel more like a yoga pose, focus on your breathing and count repetitions 

3. Seated twist

The seated twist is great for both the airport or your hotel room upon arrival. Simply sit in an upright position with the proper back support. Place your hands on your lower hip bones and slowly twist from the right side to the left side, ensuring you are breathing and complete each range of motion. 

Keep these 3 poses in your back pocket for holiday travel. Repeat each pose as necessary for the duration and repetitions that suit you best. The easiest way to combat your holiday travel is to keep a few breathing and movement exercises in the back of your mind so you can function stress free and pain free.

Kristina Caputi