How PEAR Cards Are Changing How We Communicate With Others

Communication is the gateway to understanding. Face-to-face communication can still be the primary source of communication. Unfortunately, many find it challenging to connect with others. At our In Light Retreats, we are always looking for more in-depth ways to connect with one another. Whether it be through our meditation circles, celebration of light or daily yoga practice, we continually find ways to reconnect with our surroundings and those who encompass them. 

PEAR cards are a new resource for doing exactly that. These cards were created to promote positivity between peers. In the yoga community, our ability to communicate with one another can be a means of healing. PEAR cards are suited for the Individual, group or community setting. Each is designed to generate a positive response. 

Each set comes with 100 cards - 97 created by PEAR and 3 left for your personal touch. It's more than any dinner table game. It's a conversation starter unlike the traditional icebreaker. 

Learn to transmit skills to one another, build relationships and become a teacher to others, just like we do: 


PEAR cards go beyond the individual and really work to give back to the community. PEAR cards in the community: 

"There are many organizations and foundations out there doing great things in the world of mental health and positive psychology. PEAR is committed to continuing with these efforts and have pledged to donate 10% of our profits to our four beneficiaries". Just another way PEAR is seeing to help bridge the gap between non-verbal and verbal communication. Bring together your yoga community and seek to embrace one another through deep and meaningful conversation. 

Kristina Caputi