The New Workout Drink Backed by Plant-Powered Proteins

Here at In Light Retreats, we are always on the hunt for plant-based products. Our recent search turned up a delicious post-workout drink called Apres

"Originally designed to sustain your post workout glow,  Après is a premium blend of replenishing ingredients including organic plant proteins, virgin coconut oil, and hydrating coconut water. Whether you just finished a workout, are running between meetings, or are just trying to fight your 3PM slump,  Après gives back to your body so that you can move forward." [1]

Created in 2016 by Sonny and Darby, the two planned to leave their mark in the wellness and fitness industry. They created Apres as a delicious, plant-based and well-balanced solution to the post-workout sludge. Each drink is designed to bring flavor, hydration and plant goodness back into your system with their unique blend of ingredients


Their delicious plant blend consists of:

  • Pea - helping to promote muscle gain (and is a part of their unique blend)
  • Chia - loaded with powerful proteins and amino acids
  • Cacao - a delicious superfood with a hint of chocolatey flavor
  • Hemp - Hemp seed a great source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Support your muscles and glowing skin

Each blend is packed with electrolytes such as sea salt and coconut water - both of which add another layer of hydration for your post-workout. 

After you've tasted one of their 3 flavors, be sure to post your #ownyourafter selfie on Instagram

Photo credit: Apres Facebook

Kristina Caputi